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Online Delivery & Inventory Network

A platform built for E-commerce by iStore iSend

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Fulfill Every Order Faster

The ODIN system is a cloud-based fulfillment software that increases the speed of your business operations and allows you to deliver a better customer experience. It does this by streamlining your order fulfillment process for faster ordering, packing, and shipping operations.

Every platform. Integrated.

Even if your business runs through multi-channel strategies, we can support you. ODIN can integrate with a host of e-commerce operations from shopping carts, marketplaces, and inventory management systems. It manages your customer’s interactions from beginning to end so you always have an accurate account of what is happening within your business. Our system manages your e-commerce operations and automatically syncs product stocks to prevent overselling.

Cloud Fulfillment Software Order Fulfillment

Online Delivery & Inventory Network

An Order Entry Platform, The Perfect Companion to ODIN

Grow your business by leaving e-commerce details like inventory management, warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment to the experts.

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Integrated with Your Entire Business

ODIN is compatible with all your favorite e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. It automates the transfer of orders, tracks available stock, and catalogues shipping information.

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Centralized & Automated Inventory System

ODIN enables you to automate and streamline the inventory management process by tracking real-time inventory, sales order, shipments, as well as detailed Inventory reports.

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Check Order Status
with One Click

ODIN automatically imports all your orders from different sales channels into one, easily scannable screen. This lets you manage the sales orders and statuses of your businesses without referencing multiple reports.

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Customized & Integrated
with ERP system

We partnered with leading ERPs to build native integrations with ODIN. We’ve further optimized the industry’s automation so that shipping management becomes much smoother with reduced errors in your enterprise shipping.

Online Warehouse System

ODIN online warehouse system allows you to efficiently manage your product stocks in a systematic and organized manner. The online warehouse management system ensures efficient inventory management and timely delivery of products to customers. With the ability to check stock balance at any time, you can plan to purchase and replenish products in a timely manner. It also solves the problem of out-of-stock products by connecting to logistics and e-commerce platforms. This ensures that stores can update their inventory correctly and accurately, making it the most accurate integration. Whether you have one or multiple online store, iStore iSend's ODIN online warehouse system covers all front-end and back-end management systems to keep them organized.

Warehouse System

ODIN cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) streamlines the order management process with the use of modern technology, ensuring timely completion of sales. in iStore iSend, our team of professionals handle the packing of products into standardized boxes. ODIN online warehouse management system connects to all e-commerce platforms and partner logistics and courier providers, making it the perfect solution for online businesses. With the ability to manage your business online 24/7, ODIN and our warehouse team saves time for busy business owners by allowing them to view and manage all orders from multiple marketplaces and e-commerce systems in one convenient location.

Marketplace Channels

Connect your online stores and marketplaces to ODIN, streamlined sales across multiple platforms.


Delivery Partners

We connect expertise across services, markets, and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes. 

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iStore iSend providing seamless order fulfillment for small and larger brands. With our proven multichannel fulfillment solutions, you can reach more customers, enhance service levels, and cut costs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you drive your business forward.